Starting a record by hitting a masterkey

Hi all,

is there a way to start a tape- record simultaneus only by hitting one of the masterkeys?

Thanks for your help


If you hold record and then hit one of the keys it will start recording and play the note / sequence simultaneously. Is that what you mean?

Perfect, i forgot to hold the record key…i thought that it works even if i press shift+rec without holding any key…


Is it just me, or does the feature yoof mentioned not work when sequencing OP-1 from an external source, like computer DAW via usb?

I dont know because i´ve never sequenced OP-1 from external sources.

No it does not work, only using OP-1 keyboard, would be cool if it did though!

^ tell me about it

OP-1 needs some midi slave support + record on midi note-on.

Oh wow! That seems like a HUGE feature to be implemented in a hypothetical OS update, then. I don’t feel that it would compromise the “containedness” of the OP-1 all that much…if that were the argument, why allow external sequencing at all? Makes the issue seem more like a bug than a philosophical limitation.

It does sync from an external sequencer source and will respond to midi start/stop. Hold down record and then start the sequencer and recording will start - the start is based on the midi start message, not the first note, which is what it should be. You need to set the metronome page to ‘sync’ first…

Ooohhh!! Maybe I was in “beat match”…I’ll check it out.

I switched to sync mode…no change. But THEN I realized that my sequencer wasn’t set to send MIDI Time Code. Problem solved! Thanks to husker for setting me on this path.