Starting pattern sequencer in time with tape

Hey all, new op-1 owner here, jumped on the great U.K. price from Bax… currently learning my way around it and how to turn “limitations” into creativity enhancers :wink:

One thing that seems a bit weird is I can’t find a way to start the pattern sequencer in time with the tape, in the same way you can do Rec + note for the others, because it’s not triggered by a note on. Is there any way to do this?

I read on here about starting it roughly in time and using the blue knob in tape mode to beatmatch it which does work… but seems like a weird thing to have to do for one of the sequencers best suited to quantised drums etc!

Hi, interesting question. I thought you could do shift-rec and then put the pattern on hold hoping it would start the tape but it doesn’t.
However, the method you described yourself does work. Just select the pattern sequencer, go back to your tape, hold record and then press a note.


Ahh I was still on the sequencer screen so it was just playing a single note. If I switch back to the synth screen then it does indeed play the sequence, I thought it seemed an odd omission! Thanks :slight_smile:

As an aside, if I could add one feature based on my experience so far, I think it would be being able to start playing a pattern in time with the tape without having to record, then cancel recording and life the recorded section! Not the end of the world but a bit annoying when “jamming”

Also thanks for mentioning Shift-Rec, I’ve not tried this combo yet :+1: