Steeezo Beat Repeat

Does anyone know how Steeezo does the beat repeat/stutter effect on a lot of his videos?

Seems like he’s pressing M1/M2 but also some of the track keys?

While we’re at it, how about those video FX. So dope.

It sounds like M1/2 is triggering a delay… Probably just that

Ho’l up. Thought memory keys only held eq states. I’m so under using this. If m1-2 binds to midi lfo from op-z there is mayhem to be had

Oh yeah you’re welcome! You can M1-2 for any function in the mixer or FX… Not sure about drive, but maybe…

What you mean by binds to midi lfo? Sounds lit.

Then m1 and m2 can be used as punch in’s with different level values

Oh i get you. I don’t think that’ll work - midi lfo is only assignable within a drum or synth. Not to the master params

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