Step Components every 16 bars?


Assuming you keep the step count to 16 steps 1 bar, is there a technique for a step triggering only every 16 bars? The max for a trigger spark is 8 bars.

Plus what is the point of having a trigger spark being set to 1 when it fires every step anyway? Seems like a missed opportunity to set 1 to every 16 bars.

Would love to hear anyone’s techniques with step components…

My latest one to have low probability random is to use a trigger spark set to random combined with a velocity component set to mute and also trigger randomly so the two randoms overlap and the sound is made less frequently.

maybe half the speed, stretching it to 16

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Hmmm won’t halving the tempo or doubling the bars give me the same issue with steps being every 8th instead of every 16th? Maths isn’t my strong point.

With step length set to 2 and trigger spark set to 8, it will be triggered once every 16 bars.

Sure but then steps are only in 8ths and notes that you want to individually control with step components will be fused together.

Adding bars works in lots of situations but not all. I’m just surprised TE didn’t come up with an ingenious way to do step components every 16 bars instead of max 8.

then it’s best to understand the pattern chain as a multiplier

16 steps x 4 patterns would give you full access

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Cheers. I think this is a good idea if you don’t need mute groups or are very fast with your hands and good memory for switching them on and off as you go through the chain :call_me_hand:

There is another option, that works in certain situations. You can use the “jump” step component with the “component spark” to repeat a section of the sequence several times. If you have the jump set to trigger every time apart from the last (you can do this by pressing the number multiple times when selecting the step component), you can repeat a section up to 8 times. This extends the pattern while keeping the resolution. You can do this with multiple jumps together, which has a multiplicative effect on the length of the pattern. Does that make sense?


Yes! This is a great tip. I have just been using multiple jump components plus component trigger to create some complex loops with decent resolution.

Another tip in the same vein which can work (maybe best with melodic/synth tracks) is the hold component and just padding out a single step to extend the pattern.


Yeah, pulse and hold are both useful for extending the length, although it starts to get a bit more difficult to reason about. I usually resort to using a pen and paper to make sure I’m doing what I intended to do, although that’s part of the fun for me! :smiley: