Stereo jack ground loop isolater recommendations

I got one with my oplab/line combo made by FeinTech (“ATG00101 Audio Ground Loop Isolator”) and need another. Any recommendations? The FeinTech doesn’t appear to be available in the US and is sold out on their site.

Any recommendations? I try to avoid buying electronics from Amazon if possible…

i believe like 90% of these are all the same device just rebranded a million times over

Yeah, I have heard this as well, then I make the mistake of reading amazon reviews and walk away terrified lol

you could make your own di box with ground loop isolator – they are very easy to make.
the quality of the unit comes down to the quality of the transformer used. lundahl transformers are some of the best.

the one that u mention looks exactly like all the others
the one i have is mpow i think?
looks exactly the same works just fine