stolen op-1

well, with a heavy heart i just want to let this community know that my op-1 was stolen in a break-in about a week ago. i was a member of the old ohpeewon community and i am thankful for many of you who answered questions about the op-1 and taught me how to use it through your music and tips.

my house was tossed, but the thieves left behind a lot of other valuables, opting only to take my op-1 (w/ black unit portables case and all accessories), headphones, and some older portable gaming systems and gaming controllers.

we interrupted the robbery as we returned home; otherwise i think that the thieves would have taken a lot more. they escaped out the back as we came in the front door.

thankfully, no one was hurt. property can be replaced, but of all the things that they could have taken…man. i received my op-1 as a collective christmas gift from many of my family and friends and cherished it. my wife organized the gift and it has sentimental value to me. i used my op-1 daily and really loved it, and enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the machine over the past 6 months. i have waited a week before filing an insurance claim while scouring local pawn shops, music stores, craigslist, and ebay, but no leads thus far. my deductible is just barely below the cost of replacing it and i would rather not file a claim if possible. i can eat the loss on the other items. i would appreciate a few more eyes looking out for it.

if anyone purchases a used op-1 from the richmond (VA) area or sees a listing for one, i would appreciate a PM or a heads up on this post. i have the serial numbers to verify my claim to ownership. thanks for your help and be safe. keep your op-1 close.

dang my heart goes out to u. will keep an eye out

My goodness, what a horrible thing to happen :frowning: I’m glad to hear that nobody was hurt in the break in and really hope you manage to get a new one soon.

an OP-1 popped up on eBay today but it’s 2.5h away in Silver Springs, MD. Said it was sold by the original owner, but it’s clearly a pawn shop sort of place. I don’t know that they’d travel that far to sell it, but maybe. Since it is clearly a business selling it I bet they’d be willing to check the serial since they’re supposed to clear things with the police before sale anyway (at least in Texas).

Thanks! I just contacted the seller.

where is the serial number located on the unit? i’d look, but…uh…yeah.

deleting in case other people are searching Google... PM'd bez -KrisM

thanks. i appreciate the insight. not such a helpful design to quickly identify a stolen unit. does anyone have a picture of that panel that they wouldn’t mind uploading so i can attach it to an email to the local police who are investigating the case if they get a hit?

in general all sold OP-1 sold used should get check.

Good luck vibes sent over.

that ebay listing is not my unit, but thanks for the spot

hey i posted this on another forum for u (hope thats alright). i know there are a bunch of VA cats on there. is there an email that someone could contact u if they see anything?

I think spreading and warning is good. I would not discuss the detail which could thwart the effort, by give too much info…

doc, check for a pm. thanks.

Sorry I can’t be of help being all the way over here in the UK but I really hope you manage to get your unit back.

Having been the victim of various break-ins over the years I can really sympathise.

At least no-one was hurt (small consolation I know).

Good luck!!