Strange but true pt 2

I should have uploaded this to sc as proof, in case nobody believes me …
I have had the PO-12 for a couple of weeks. Lot of fun. I always let my girlfriend Amanda play with my gear, like volcas & now this. She’s pretty good for a novice, sometimes scary good …
There’s a sound on the PO-12, like a blast of noise backwards, or a gated reverby type thing. I haven’t used it in any of mine but she put this sequence down somehow & that noise said
“A-man-da”. Idk how, Idk what fx were used, she doesn’t either. Just weird.

Yeah, I think you should have uploaded that for people to believe in you… :slight_smile:

And I will. Then you’ll see

I believe.

I don’t know, I 'm a scientific guy most of the time.
I believe.

PO-12 is a little baby and she just said her name. How cute.

I find this story weirder than the one in Part 1.

it’s sounds 16, 8, then 11

I’ve got to hear this!

i find this very beleiveabl PO’s are crazy/