Strange gate effect

Found an unusual problem on opz. I start making a pattern from the bass track, then create melodic lines, but when it comes to the bass drum, problems begin. creates the effect of interrupting sound on long chords, just in the place where the bass drum triggers were set. I think I’m missing some obvious point. this gate effect on all long sounds is very annoying.

might be the compressor(s)?

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Off course compressor, I feel like an idiot. Thank you :pray:

I find it hard to get the Z compressor to vibe like the OP-1 drive.

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I don’t find it very useful so far either…but then I’m a compressor noob

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yes, its not useful for me too
I even forgot about its existence

ya the compressor is pretty booty and not in a good way

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If you say it, then I believe it, doc.

There is a separate drive on opz too, I forgot where though… I think on master track, in the shift knobs but I could be wrong. Is there somewhere though.

Yeah I think master track. Next to the chorus.

The drive doesn’t seem so useful though. Could be the algorithm