Strategies for live performances


I am loving my new OP1 and I have already used it live, however, I am not too sold on my work flow yet. Does anyone here have a good strategy for integrating the OP 1 into a live set up?
I am using Ableton as well as a small modular eurorack set up.
Any suggestions for signal routing? Set up diagrams?
Thanks in advance!


I don’t have a solution but i was thinking about the same problem. I just post my ideas…
I was thinking about using the OP as a sequencer storage (finger sequencer) and trigger the sequences from another sequencer or live on the OP-1. The sequences would trigger samples (drum) from the op-1. Then i had the idea to make my drum kits “melodical” so i can play a melodic sequence but it still sounds like a repetitive drum beat on the OP but the midi out would be a melody.

Sorry :slight_smile:

I long since have been complaining that the OP1 Lacks Loop controls Over Midi (Track, transport.) Without this I cant get the loop controls onto my midi foot pedals. ignoring this limitation this Logic of Looping on the Op1 still works great. But I loose a hand. Basically the Op1 is a Great looper. Other than that I have a hard time Making the Op1 the center of playing live(like an octatrack; ipad; laptop) usually it is just a synth/sample for me. With the occasional complete piece that i just know super well on the Op1.

i just run it independently - treat the op-1 as a sound source. no need to clock it, just set the BPM and hit play at the right moment. it’s pretty rock solid and doesn’t seem to drift. if it does nudge the blue knob and you’ll get it back.

without more info about your setup it’s hard to advise you, but i guess just run the op-1 in to ableton and add effects where necessary… even grab samples from it and tweak away till it’s time for a new phrase from the op-1.

my advice would be to fill finger (in both drum and synth modes) with a whole bunch of melodies/rhythms so you can always just add something spontaneously. you never run out of ideas that way.

in terms of signal routing… it’s up to you really. i mean, do you run the eurorack through ableton or is it just banging away on it’s own? it’s nice to run things through the op-1 but they do get summed to mono, which may or may not be a problem, depending on what you’re up to.

anyway, probably not much help, but a few ideas!

Check Virtual Flannel Boiler Room : I don’t know, if you you can figure out how he uses it, but you may ask him if you don’t get what it does at certain moments.