Strymon Timeline review

Giving the OP-1 a new friend to play with. :)

Strymon stuff is awesome. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. My bluesky is beautiful. Timeline is the delay-centered one right?

does anyone else have a problem with strymon where if you leave it on for 24 hours + the dry signal occasionally cuts out?

I have both a bluesky and a el cap and they both do that if i forget to unplug my pedalboard overnight or something. Not a problem, they reset when you turn them off then on again, but still, weird…

Nice review btw! I have the timeline in mind for some future purchase…


I haven’t seen that issue myself, but I’ve only left mine on overnight a couple time so far.

Nice mate, good to hear some synth sounds thru one for a change :slight_smile:

Wish I didn’t want all the expensive pedals tho!!!