Stuck/Dead/Hot Pixels?

Got my OP-1 today! It is great!

Unfortunately after about 15-20 minutes of using it a blue dot appeared on the screen and won’t go away.
I’ve run through the Test Function routine and it was present throughout that.

Anyone here experience this and find a solution on their own?
It obviously doesn’t affect performance I’m just worried this could be a sign of future issues with the screen.
I can’t find anyone else online with this problem and searching here didn’t bring anything up so i figured I’d make this my first post.

Welcome @erthan :slight_smile:
(this sites like a hidden easter egg when getting an OP-1).
Nope ,never seen this before.You want a clean screen.I’d send it back.

I just got my OP-1 yesterday and today it suddenly developed a red stuck pixel that won’t go away.

Mine has a serial number in the 20’000s how about yours?

Now I need to decided if I wan’t my money back or wait 4 weeks for a new unit, what a bummer… :frowning:

@Lech Where are you located? I’m pretty much in the same situation as you (stuck pixel, returned, supposed to wait 4 weeks for a new one) and now the music store is telling me it may not be eligible since there are two pretty major skuffs/dents on the side that were most certainly not there when I had it last. Not sure of the serial number as I no longer have the unit but I’m pretty sure we bought ours at a similar time.

@erthan I’m in the Netherlands. Indeed our cases seem similar, I wonder if there is an production issues with the screens on the latest batch?

I have taken pictures of my unit and packaging before sending it back, so I have proof of the state I returned it in. I asked for my money back, I can always order it again when it’s back in stock, no need for them to keep my money, the OP-1 isn’t exactly cheap :wink:

Your situation with the skuffs/dents sounds really annoying, I hope everything works out for you!

I took the plunge and ordered a new OP-1 + case in Germany, now let’s hope this one is flawless…