Stuck in TE Boot :/

Hey all!

I just received my Op-1 about an hour ago and have been trying to get to playing. Is it normal to be welcomed to the TE Boot screen and nothing else when you turn it on? I feel like it should already have some OS programmed into it. So I proceeded to download the firmware update and successfully got it onto the device, however it still boots in the TE-BOOT screen. How do I exit this?

You may have a fault bootloader, others have reported a similar issue before ( @Defectus I think ). The best in this case is probably to contact TE (or your reseller).

Thanks for the reply!

Dang you really think that’s what it is? No errors just… Stuck. Just fired an email to both reseller and TE. Curious if anyone else has had the exact same issue…

Check this thread:

Indeed very similar problem, however my COM button is shown as perfectly functional. This is very odd and it looks like I’ll have to wait a great deal of time for a reply from TE. Damn! But thanks for the heads up.

I found a post one Optribe where another person had the same issue and it was due to missing security keys? How can that even be!? The user never poster how his issue was resolved

Not that it is going to help you in any way, but that is probably related to the secure mode on Blackfin processor used by the OP-1:

More specifically, Lockbox Secure Technology provides one-time programmable (OTP) memory and a secure processing mode (Blackfin Secure Mode) to enable these capabilities. Its public, non-secure, user-programmable area of OTP memory is suited for storing public keys to authenticate the system in a manner that is controllable and configurable by the developer. A private, secure, user-programmable area of OTP memory lets developers program their own private device assets such as private keys, and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of those assets. Furthermore, using Secure Mode on Blackfin allows systems to be implemented in which only authenticated, trusted code is allowed to execute on the processor within a secure processing environment.