Stuck notes with OP1 MIDI keys

This morning I tried using the OP1 via MIDI to play a VST in Cubase 8 and I was getting stuck notes all over the place. This result it bumming me out because I really don’t have to have two keyboards hooked up to the laptop at once just to be able to play VSTs.

Has anyone had the same issue? I verified that it’s isolated to the OP1 because I plugged in an Akai LPK25 into a USB port and a USB hub (see below) and it worked just fine (no stuck notes) using the exact same settings as with the OP1.

Thanks in advance.

Here are the details if anyone is curious.

OP1 --> USB hub --> Laptop
Akai LPK25 --> Duet USB --> Laptop

I also tried Akai LPK25 --> USB hub --> Laptop to eliminate that variable (it worked fine)

MIDI track in Cubase with monitor on (the little speaker icon), appropriate device selected as input. I get stuck notes with at least three different VSTs (have not tried all of them)

I’ve had stuck keys in renoise but it rarely happens. I have a lot more probs with midi in.

The issue was gone when I came back after several hours away and booted everything up from scratch. Yay? Yay!

MIDI in has treated me fairly well thus far…but I haven’t done anything fancier than playing back a MIDI sequence.