Studio-Headphones for the OP-Z

Looking for Headphones to use at home mostly with the OP-Z (in Monitor-Mode through the Zoom H4N Pro). Found the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO and they seem to be very good for the Price.
But there are different Versions of the Headphone: 32ohm, 80ohm and 250ohm.

Which one of these versions would you pick?

My buddy likes his JH audio in hear monitors. I don’t really want to spend over a grand on headphones so I am fine with my good old sony MDR-V6.

Klipsh r6ii in ear monitors is what I’m using, they are very accurate and clear with no bass exaggeration, they follow the Apple standard for inline mic’s so you can use the mic with the opz. Also Shure have a similiar headphone for $100 that is probably good, I’m happy with the Klipsch though and they were around $60.

I have the Shure SE215 and SE425 earphones (I work there). They are both really great for music - playing or listening. The isolation is good too, so others won’t hear what you’re hearing but you also won’t hear what others are doing.


I use Audio-Technica ATH-M30X and love them. Comfortable, good build and sound quality. They do a level above (M50X) and a level below (M20X) so there is something for any budget.

Second the Shure in-ears
Or Sony 7506

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I have used 32 ohm and 80 ohm headphones with my zoom h6 with satistfying results. I feel quite confident saying that both of those would work well for you.

The topic of headphones is difficult I must say. I have personally used, tried out lots of headphones. I use Bose qc35 ii for listening to music. Sennheiser hd25 for monitoring and for travelling (they dont take much room and they are well isolated). Sennheiser hd 600 and Ollo s4 for mixing when I´m home. Usually when preparing for live shows the Ollo s4 are good enough for not encountering to much surprises in the mix in the venues. I also compose music for both television, radio, theatre and podcasts so this have made me try out a lot of different options.

A lot of people have asked me for suggestions for headphones and I usually say, buy the most comfortable ones in your budget, always try before you buy. If you have the opportunity go to store and try different ones. If you gonna use them a lot I can´t stress comfortability enough. Of course how they sound is also critical, but you can´t really form an opinion before you try out for yourself. And trust your own ears. I have done A B tests together with audio professionals and it is interesting how different opinions there are about headphones.
Personally I try to think of what´s the function I need. QC 35 for enjoying music in public transportation because of noisecancelling which allows me to listen with lower volume. If I prepare live sets it is important that the sound will be good in the venue for the listeners, then I tend to work with openback headphones as much as possible, I think that it´s difficult to keep the bass together so I need headphones that are honest, for example Ollo s4 works for me. If I travel I and need to work I use sennheiser hd25 and I know that I really have to check the mix when coming home :slight_smile: And check the mix through what I got, If I compose for theatre the sound needs to be good through the speakers of the venue so I do the mixing on location and that´s enough. Podcasts are fun to compose music for but you really need to check your mix in different sources. Does it sound good where your audience listen to the music.

Omg this really derailed, sorry for that. I think it´s such an interesting subject. But to answer your question, 80ohm or 32ohm are good for the zoom h4n and I would recommend you to try them out before you buy and trust your personal taste.

Ps, I usually also mix through speakers :slight_smile: just wanted to touch the subject of headphones here.

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I can highly recommend the headphones from Ollo audio. They are just awesome!!!