Studio space in Berlin (and thoughts on studio space generally...)

Hey guys

Im looking for a studio space in Berlin! since there seem to be a bunch of us here in Berlin i thought I would ask if anyone might have a good contact to some nice space?

Also, a more general question on studio space, how many of you guys have a separate studio? I have always been a ‘working from home’ guy, but since music became something i’m focussing on more and more am starting to realise how important it is to get out of the house sometimes…


The best would be to have one studio at home and another outside ; )

:smiley: i think a piano at home and perhaps a basic recording setup, then a full on sound proofed mixing space with all the rack gear elsewhere would be pretty sweet!

I’m not in Berlin but my friends are renting studio space there cheap right now. I’ll ask them for contact info.

@anfim - that would be much appreciated, thank you!

Not Berlin here. But… I am building a log cabin in my garden later this month, have earmarked half for a studio space. I have been an at home kinda guy but too many distractions…