Sub crash!

About 3 times now I have had my Sub crash, it happens when I go into button mashing fx or play styles, it just locks up and the only way to get it to work again is remove batteries, anyone else had this? Note the batteries are showing as 97 so plenty of juice left.

I have played the whole afternoon with my Sub, it didn’t crash.

I remember having a freezing problem at some point with one of the PO, but the problem disappeared once I changed the batteries : I got two batteries killed, don’t know if they were bad or if the PO didn’t like them, but it’s OK now.
I use rechargeable batteries, for the record.

@masterofstuff124 also mentioned that some time ago.

One possible explanation is that keys are triggering interrupts and all that button mashing plus the debouncing noise may have overloaded the poor thing…

it has continued to happen for me. but only when deliberately mashing as many keys as possible trying for random fx/keystyles! lots of great fun to be had using the sub RANDOMLY! its great. love my PO!

I’ve used it for very long jams and haven’t had a problem yet, neither with factory. I do use fx and styles but I may be quite moderate in the button mashing, never two fx keys at a time and usually in progressive manner. Punji must be right. I still have trouble in getting live recording timing right, I usually get notes input a step too soon.

Mine crashed at least twice the first day I had it, had to remove batteries to get it going again each time.

Hasn’t crashed since, but I think I don’t go as nuts with the style/fx functions now that I’ve tried them out.

So it seems it does not like too vigourous punch in fx/styles, have not had it with the factory or PO12 BTW.