Suggestions on a compact midi keyboard controller

As i accumulate more stuff that needs midi input I decided to get a midi keyboard. Not knowing much about the market today, maybe you guys have some suggestions?

It needs to be fairly compact and have MIDI (din) out and in the 100-200€ pricerange

Been looking at the Arturia keylab 25 which seems kinda nice

the arturia looks nice. if you want smaller but less controls the Keith McMillan Qu Nexus/K-Board looks nice.

Thanks @Virtual_Flannel They do like running over their stuff =)

The QuNexus seems like it has everything you could ask for in a portable controller. Now i don’t know what i want =D

I really like my Alesis Q49. Simple and reliable. It also works over USB and comes in 25 and 88 keys as well.

+1 for Qunexus. the sensitivity of the keys is incredible. very playable and compact

The QuNexus is good but you would need the KMI Midi Expander to get 5 pin MIDI DIN out…

there´s a new version of the qunexus, the “k-board”…without cv

also check akai lpk 25 with integrated arpeggiator…nice price!

How are the keys in the QuNexus? Are they stiff/mute like pads or do they have a tiny amount of action?

They are pads. No action but there is some give in the rubber.

Just as another option maybe a m-audio axiom? You can find them pretty cheap and they have 25 key models with encoders and pads

Thanks for all the useful tips. I found a second hand kaylabs 25 for a nice price, so I’ll think I’ll go with that, and maybe a qunexus down the line for its great portability.

Fighting between the K-Board and its awesome playability and performance control buttons on the left look very cool compared to what was there on the Nexus. That or the Akai MPK Mini MK2. Pros: Has Joystick and note repeat/arpegiator(Really been wanting MPC style note repeat lately). Both 99$ Tough call.

Flip a coin :wink: