Suggestions regarding the white encoder in tape mode, and Ableton live.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I lay stuff down on to the tape of my op1, its almost a given I’m going to slow down the tape. I love the way it sounds and what it can do to something you’ve made. I have noticed though when I go to record from my op1 onto Live 9 on my laptop, live 9 does not play well with BPMs that are not at a whole number. Has anyone else come across this issue/ does anyone know a work around or solution? Thanks in advance!

Is it a sync issue you are experiencing? Have you recorded with sync off and warped in Ableton? Or you could copy the tape clips over in drive mode.

Not having an op1 anymore means I can’t answer this, but could you map the encoder to the track BPM? Or would that be weird?

It might just be my not knowing all the ins and outs of Ableton but it seems like when you set your bpm to for example, 78.49 bpm, the grid on the arrangement view isnt set appropriately.