Super basic sampler?

Hey all, first post back online following the move from ohpeeone!

Anyway, i am looking for a super simple sampler to go in my live setup (currently op1, kp, guitar pedals…). I basically have found myslef playing long drones from my ipod but wanting to layer up a few different ones so am looking for an alternative. I basically want a device that can playback and loop several tracks simultaneously. Short of buying some additional ipods…

So here are my thoughts:

- and cant really do this from the OP1 - waste of tape!
- i dont need editing / effects at all, i already have an sp404 for that!
- in my mind i can get something that is basically a pile of buttons that when pressed playback a sample
- no need for velocity sensitivity or anything, it just going to be long drones i playback.
- needs to be small/light. I flay a lot to gigs round europe, hand luggage friendly stuff is my friend!

does such a device exist…?!!

Help me ohpeeone knobi, you are my only hope!

(well, that and google, but not getting very far on google atm…)


You can’t do this with your SP?

The Akai MX8 may be the droid you’re looking for.

sp is perfect for this if u already have one. unless u got other stuff going on already on it.

or the akai mx16…

yeah, i checked out the Akai stuff, looks promising. Im going to go and check one out this week :slight_smile:

The SP does more or less do what i want, you are right! I was just wondering what the alternatives might be. I only really know the major companies like akai, but am wondering if there was anything from a smaller company like critari or similar…