Super Confused About the “Follow” Punch-In Effect

Hi, I’ve been composing things on the OP-Z for a few months now, and I thought I had it mostly figured out, but I suppose not.

I’ve been practicing a song performance for a while now, which involves switching to the bass track, hitting the shift arrow, and hitting the “Follow” punch-in effect. Punching in “Follow” has always sort of solo’ed the bass track, boosted it a bit, but also added a really cool distortion to the bass, completely changing the tone of it. It was a very, very cool effect to switch to in a live performance. It seemed to completely change the tone- almost as though it had switched from the “Bow” bass synth to one of the heavily distorted ARP synths by hitting “follow.”

I recently plugged in a midi controller to see how it would work, pressed a button, and POOF, it seemed like nothing happened, but now all the “follow” effect seems to do on that bass track is solo it and maybe boost the FX/volume slightly. It sounds almost exactly the same now as just playing the normal bass track.

I don’t understand what I could have done to so drastically changed the sound. I think it’s important to say I did not ever use the distortion FX send in conjunction with hitting the punch-in effect. I think the two FX on the track have always been reverb and delay.

Could I have changed a setting while plugging in that Midi controller?

Was I just experiencing a bug before when the “follow” effect would enhance the bass tone?

Am I experiencing a bug now?

Is “Follow” just a solo effect, or does it do more to enhance the tone of the track?

Anyone with more knowledge on this thing would be a ton of help. I can find any detailed info on how the punch-in effects are supposed to work. Thanks.

Switch the octave on your controller and you can find the octave there you have the range like on the op/z performance track. On the other octaves you find the effects for each track solo. You can’t do with the op-z alone. With the instrument tracks holding shift you do basically do the same thing. You send the signal to performance track in seperate octaves.


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I think the follow effect is used when using punch in FX on a single instrument track…so not while on the punch in FX track. To me it seems to make every other instrument follow the one you are on (in terms of pitch)
Say your bass plays C G A, now your LEAD, ARP and CHORDS will also play C G A…I think :slight_smile:

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