Superbooth 2017

Is anyone else going? Maybe a good opportunity to have that new-OS-celebratory-beer?

Are you going? If so JEALOUS. :slight_smile: Would love to hear about the Elektron, TE, and literally anything happening there.

@cuckoo and Nick from Sonic State are there. Nick already has some videos up, including one on the Digitakt. They’ll be hard pressed to get their hands on an OP-Z though as I’ll probably not leave the TE booth for the next few days :wink:

The winter modular eloquence looks great for modular folks. Be interested in seeing it demoed.

I will be there on Friday afternoon/night. @crudeoperator: let’s have a beer with @cuckoo if we’re able to catch him!

How about 17:30 at the TE booth? You’ll recognize me by the OP-1 in me hand :slight_smile: Cuckoo seemed pretty busy today, as did Nick, and Divkid.

Is a little later ok for you as well? I’ll be there on an evening ticket from 7pm on. Let’s say 7 at the TE booth?

Behringer casually flopping out a Model D for 399 dollar!

Behringer casually flopping out a Model D for 399 dollar!
The deepmind desktop and deepmind 6 are tempting me tbh.
Behringer casually flopping out a Model D

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Hey @crudeoperator got any new on the OP-Z connectivity to Op-1 or other gear. Or are they still not divulging anything?

does Bastl have this at their booth? Need to know price!

Damn I want one of those softpops!

To those at Superbooth, Is the Expert Sleepers “General CV” actually real or was it just a April Fools joke?

@iriebeats sorry, i could not get the data roaming to work and didn’t see your post :frowning:

@mec1 no news. The guy I talked to was very vague an noncommittal regarding the outputs on the top. The thing feels really light at the moment, not sure what they’re doing for power… I didn’t bother asking for price or availability.

@sammyjams yes they did. I didn’t as the price though. Btw: The wooden handle deliberately serves as the back plate. Removing it exposes the innards, so you’d need to replace it with something. Bastl also has the Dude mixer for which they’re working on non-powered components that you can put in line with your patch cables. For example they had a diodeclipper that was nothing more than two 3.5mm sockets and two diodes. The Dude has enough power to drive these “smart patch cables”. Exiting stuff.

@PsychickCV I’m pretty sure that was just a joke :slight_smile:

@crudeoperator Thanks!!!

@crudeoperator: I should have gotten a day off work and a full ticket. The show was almost over when I came…

About the OP-Z connectivity: someone from TE told me that the four minijack connectors in the back will be assignable out/inputs. Also, there’s a CV track, so you should have a load of possibilities with these (e.g. cv/gate + 2 inputs) This will be a really exciting feature.

If softpop will be under 300 like they say in cuckoo’s video it will be a no-brainer for me.

@PsychickCV not an april’s fools joke