Superbooth 2024 Berlin

Anyone going? Thinking of going.

Yep - going.

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my 2024 resolution (i dont believe in those but here i am) was to go to at least one major synth/te event thing. ive never been to berlin before so im very very intrigued by this. ill need to look into it a bit more but perhaps this will be my first super booth! is it always in berlin and does anyone have any advice to share for first timers (such as myself)? thanks!


Before 2015 or 16 it used to be at Musik Messe (similar to NAMM) in Frankfurt, since then it has been in Berlin always. Schneidersladen launched the booth and the shop’s location is Berlin as well.

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I’ll be there definitely, but I’m still debating whether to get a booth or not. It’s a wonderful show, tho it can be overwhelming. The location, FEZ, is really unique — i think it was built as some kind of east german youth playground/education center— it has a lot of lovely outdoor space which is great for chilling out after twiddling Too Many Knobs.
I suggest you bring some isolating headphones if you want to audition gear, cuz its a noisy environment. And check the programs beforehand because a lot of mfrs and interesting musicians give talks there. If they do the thing again where they offer attendees a commuter boat ride up the Spree from downtown Berlin to FEZ, i did that once & really enjoyed it. (Otoh its also an easy bike or train ride.)


Wow! Great info. Do you go for one day or more than one day? I want to do workshops and stuff like that too.

First time i went i went as a visitor, for all the days. if yr getting all the way to Berlin just for SB you might as well. There’s plenty to see.

The second time i went i had a booth, to show off the beta Pocket Integrator … there was an extra first day of SB for exhibitors only, which was very cool because i met some interesting industry people. But it was an extra cost, and also manning the booth pinned me in one spot a lot so i didnt actually get to see as much of SB as i wanted. :confused:

(No regerts, i’m just still trying to decide abt a booth this year.)


I’ve been once before and got the three day ticket. Going to do the same this time. Last time I was really overwhelmed by so many bloop blats and had no focus as such. The idea for noise cancelling headphones is an excellent one. Also, having a plan of action as to what you want to see and who you’d like to talk to would be very helpful.

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Ok, so Wordle today for me was pretty on-topic. Warning for spoiler.

any chance do you know if TE is attending or not? their social media has been silent about it if so and usually they put out some notice… seems the documentation on who is attending is hard to figure out this year from the direct superbooth resources

TE is not in the list of exhibitors.


goodbye op-z field announcement

:’(. Saw that.

I’ll just commmit and buy Op-z then. Thanks for the confirmation.

With TE not there, how super could it be!? lol j/k if you go enjoy it !

The op-z field is slated for over a year and an half away.( That would mean they wouldnt announce it this week anyway, )

But if you commit to the op-z commit to the longest warranty plan you can slap on it because you WILL NEED it , I went through 4 in one month

welp nothing new from TE today. Was hoping for at least a firmware update to something

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Where do you base your timeline on? Lifecycle op-z?

did you talk to someone who knows the timeline?

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if i were you i would just use the KO2 until the opz-f comes out. you can achieve a lot of the same types of super detailed layered grooves. of course if you own neither, then the decision is open.