Got a new one for you guys. Still, all OP-1 and a bit of MAX MSP but a little heavier this time around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Really dig this ! Lovely !

Makes me want to plug my guitar in a fuzz, sample the hell out of it in OT and mess with the sound !

Hell yeah, I still have my Fender Jazzmaster and all my effects pedals - but this one uses a sample from the band - Band of Susans :stuck_out_tongue:

I´m enjoying the combo of footage + animation vs just the animation. Great aesthetic!

Thanks! I’ve been discovering the Max animations take way too long to make something that is actually interesting. Hours and hours of generation and hours and hours of editing. Going out and videoing mundane daily activities makes them more fun, wastes no time and speeds up the process - coupling with simpler max animations… and hopefully slightly more relateable/entertaining :stuck_out_tongue: