Sustain pedal with OP-1?

Hey everyone! I’m really new at all this, I have a M-Audio SP-2 sustain pedal, and id love to try and use it with the OP. Is there a way to do that?

I’m trying to play some heavier ambient shoegazey stuff, if anybody has any gear suggestions I would love to hear them.

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Hey, its basically not possible to use a sustain pedal with the OP1 unfortunately. Similarly there is no key latch function. Here is a copy and paste form an email correspondence i had with TE about it:

"Thank you for your email. You are right about the sequencers. As you say, Endless supports one chord per step. Finger supports two-tone chords. There is not really a latch / hold function in OP-1. You could set release to infinite but it’s not really what you want. We’ve tried to have as little submenus as possible.

teenage engineering support"

and then this follow up to my reply:

“OP-1 is a class compliant USB MIDI device and need to connect to a USB host for MIDI operation.

oplab can provide this functionality if you do not wish to use a computer.

MIDI information used: (Sent / Received)

  • Note On / Off ( √ / √ )
  • Pitch Bend ( √ / √ )
  • Velocity ( Fixed at 127 / √ )
  • CC#1–4 ( – / √ using the MIDI LFO)
  • MIDI Clock ( √ / √ )
  • Song Position Pointer ( √ / √ )
  • MIDI Transport ( √ / √ )

teenage engineering support”

I really wish the OP-1 had an expression pedal input. Controlling some of the Tape functions especially, via foot, would be epic!

Actually, I’m surprised TE haven’t broken out the tape section of the OP-1 and marketed it as a stand-alone recorder/looper. Just add a few more I/O options (expression, maybe some CV, MIDI sync) and you’d have a pretty broad potential customer base: synth-heads, guitarists, etc.

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I vaguely remeber the pedals working on my piano when i routed it into my op1. i will experiment some more and report back.

The sustain button on my XKey doesn’t work when connected to my OP-1 via MIDIBridge :frowning:

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