Switch FX while turned off

Is it possible in any way to switch the fx on the master or on an instrument with the fx not activated and not affecting the sound?
I find that when recording live (on the album for instance) it makes it impossible to change an effect seemlessly and the glitching when scrolling through the fx completely ruins the moment in my opinion.

the only way is the custom firmware and the included option to have the fx presets turned to zero, this way you can dial in FX without any noise.

and if you’re at it, don’t forget to include the Iter synth engine and the great classic filter FX :innocent::fire:

i dont know the answer but i know the problem. i love adding cow or spring ar the end of a loop as a built up but then it would be great to stop it and turn it down but not off

you an use the two memo buttons to move to and store effects, right?. there might be some way to use those memo buttons to get the effects set so they are not activated.

I had thought of something similar but that hasn’t worked out for me really because you have to hold the memory buttons to activate the different effects and when released they go back to their former state. Plus if any effect is active it still affects the sound in some form so they cannot be bypassed unless turned off.