Anyone in Switzerland made it across from the old forum?

Interested in a meet-up some time?

e.g. Zürich

Yea here! I’m from uster. Can we talk in german? My english is not really good.

I am going to Zurich this Saturday (for a week). Would be fun to meetup with OP-1 users. And are there any clubs/happenings I should visit?

I’m in France but not that far from Switzerland. Would love to be part of an official OP-1 meeting !

@Erhenius nice! I don’t have a job at the time so i have time for a meetup :slight_smile:
I don’t like the most Clubs and events in Zürich but thats because i have a really special music taste. What kind of music/events do you like?
@Oper_8 i would also like an official op-1 meeting in switzerland but it seems we are the only two :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’ll hit you up when I am there.

I’m in La Chaux-de-Fonds !

me? meh I like anything that sounds good :). I don’t care if it is rock, techno, psy, or just plain weird like my stuff. I like it all.

Anyway, I landed yesterday morning and today had a look at Reinfall since the weather was so nice.
Tomorrow I will be working, other than that I should be good to go. It would be awesome to meet up with some of the OP-1 crowd, be it just casual or (preferably) to make some noise :slight_smile:

@erhenius i send you a PM with my mobile number.
I have a big portable speaker so maybe we can meet in a park on the lake in zürich and make some noise :slight_smile:
@adrigax @oper_8 @johnl it would be nice with more people. I will post here where and when we meet.

Okay :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to use my OP-1 much recently, but will be glad to meet up!

Well I had a chat with Mushroots today. As far as we have talked it over we will meet up tomorrow, time and location I have yet to receive from Mushroots. So I presume that the more the merrier. Zurich is a very nice city but I prefer meeting people and be silly than sight seeing. My time is until friday as I fly back on saturday.

I’m stoked to meet ya(ll) !

So we are meeting today at 14:00 on the trainstation stadelhofen zürich and from there we go to the “china wiese” near the china garden.

I’m working today, so not sure I’ll be able to make it out… Let me see how the day goes.


Well today I was with Mushroots and we made some OPtunes. Some good fun was had! Tnx mate!!

I would like to share a few pics in hope that it will spark more and bigger gatherings.

@johnl I am still open until friday

@Mushroots Next time we should do it at a crowded place and get some coins for the effort hahahaha

Looks like fun! Cool to see the people on operator meeting up…

Nice! Next step: an OP-1 music festival. =)

You brought an amp! Did you make any videos?

nope, we didn’t even record the session. It’s all back in the aether. Plus we were too busy making tunes. I think we ended up jamming for a solid 3 hours.

Yea it was really nice!
@Erhenius hahaha that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Excellent, guys ! Hopefully there will be other nice meetings out there. Keep on rockin’ !