Sync /audio splitter cable

I want to sync my volca sample with my pocket operator 33 through some headphones with no mixer, I know I need a splitter cable to split audio and sync from volca to pocket operator, but really not sure what cable

The kind of cable you’re looking for is usually referred to as a “breakout cable”.

I have one of these and use it for splitting signals from my Pocket Operators. They are crazy useful, enough so that it’s nice to have two in your adapters bag.

You’ll want to plug the male end into your Pocket Operator. Then send your Volca’s audio out into one of the breakout cable inputs, and the Volca sync out into one of the other inputs. I can’t say for sure which one, so you’ll have to try each.

Finally, you’ll need change the sync mode on your Pocket Operator to make it a slave to the Volca. I’d try SY-1 or SY-4 first, but I’m having trouble remembering.

Good luck!

That’s brilliant thanks for the information

sync is on the tip or left channel
audio is on the ring or right