Sync from Nord Modular to Pocket Operator

I got my first Pocket Operator today, the PO-14. within 10 - 15 minutes of opening it I was able to sync it to my Nord Modular.

Basically you use the Global MIDI clock module, and from there divide that clock signal with a clock divider by 12. Then send that to the output you want to use. Make sure your output module is at full volume and your Master Volume on your Nord is at full volume and you can sync.

I’m in the process (almost complete I think, I’ll finish it tomorrow maybe) of making a logic circuit in the Nord Modular that after an event (note on or what ever) it waits for midi clock to reach beat one before starting the sync signal… stopping by hitting the note on again will stop at the next sync pulse (beat 1). Although I could also try to make an immediate interrupt. Anyway, this ensures your nord modular sequences and your PO patterns all start at the same time. I’ll be back with more info, maybe a patch to upload. I’d be curious if others are interested in this. I’m a bit rusty with the nord modular, learning/relearning it… been years since i’ve even looked at it…

Oh, if you’re only using the Nord Modular, like me, you’ll want to set it’s midi clock to internal.