Sync gear/midi with live drummer

This is probably impossible, but maybe someone have a solution.

I’m playing with a band and i would really like to implement some sequenceing in the mix (when we jam)

The problem is that the drummer always get out of sync at some point. Since he’s miced up my thougt was if there’s any way to make the DAW get the tempo from eg. the kick and spit it out throug midi?

Or is there any other way to do this?

u could give the drummer a click track to play along to.

u might also want to look into those tap tempo boxes that accept an audio pulse and convert to midi.

Can you map a sustain pedal on a MIDI keyboard to the tap tempo function in your DAW? If you are looking to do kick drum to MIDI, then what happens if the drummer plays something other than quarter note kick drums?

The other option is to throw stuff at your drummer when he gets out of sync. Then he will have to start paying better attention :slight_smile:

I play in a band that has a live drummer and lots of sequences. The only real solution is to get a click track to the drummer somehow. And trust me, we tried a million things. Once we were playing live and something happened with the signal going to the drummer, and I kept it nominally together with constant tap-tempo riding, but it sucked.

We tried using this Ableton device once that grabbed audio peaks from the kick and turned them into midi. The idea was to have the kick trigger an 808 or something for more boom, but it was sketchy at best. And as mentioned above, unless your drummer is doing solid 4 on the floor the entire time, using the kick as the tempo/sync pulse would be complete insanity.

Probably best to give the drummer a click track and have some empty beer cans handy if he gets out out sync =)

+1 on click track.
I play in a band where bass and grooves comes from cpu, so we must play in sync.