Sync markers drifting issue

I made a track with one tempo and now I turn the op1 back on again and the drift markers start to drift off as the song plays, so now I can’t shift at even intervals.So I turn off sync mode and now I can shift in even intervals but doing a recording with pattern mode makes the beats sync in and out. It’s kinda like the tape has a slight warbling speed and I cant do synced recordings. I might have to finish it with some other recording warez now.

What you record is not timestretched, so if you change the tempo you loose the sync.

You have to come back to the original tempo to see your markers at the right place.

Do you know about Beat Match on the tempo page?Set to that,not Sync.Latter is for external midi clock.

I wasn’t in the best state of mind when I posted the issue, but I found another post that kinda explains the same problem a little better. This is the second time this has happened and both times its has been long tracks that I’ve been working on. I’m at the exact tempo that the tracks were recorded in too. It’s just weird that the markers drift off in Beat Match mode now. If I turn off the markers I can loop through the sections like in Beat Match mode, but new recordings don’t sync up at the original tempo either (it starts to double time). I don’t really want to do a factory reset right now but it’s a strange bug that makes me leery to do full songs on the op1.

Are you using USB midi? Connecting to a PC with USB and running a DAW? Or connecting any other midi gear?
Or are you using OP-1 stand alone?

Just using the op1 standalone.

That is strange.I do full songs,stand alone and synced externally.I haven’t come across that yet.It does sound buggy.

Hi @oxxi ,did you originally record your sequence in one or two takes or make up your track from many Dropped copies of audio?

It was many dropped copies of audio, but I always made sure that it looped perfectly or else I would have not continued working on it. Yesterday I dropped the audio tracks into Ableton and damn… each track had a different tempo. Like 139.99, 138.56 etc. I don’t think one had the exact tempo of 140bpm. So many warp markers just to fix. I want to record a video to show the issue still occurs when op1 markers are turned off and trying to record a new sequence over a section. It’s almost as if the op1 individually messed with each track’s tempo slightly.

Are you sure that isn’t Live beat detecting and setting the tempo? Turn off warp on the tracks when you loading the audio and it should go in clean…

Loops of audio on OP-1 don’t always match tempo divides,even when recorded with a looped section(!)
I noticed DJ Thomas White,in his video,anally,shifting forward then back again to tempo markers-so he could make precise ,gridlocked DJ music.
If you copy,then drop straight after, multi times -it does go off grid.This may be your problem.If you drop-always align to markers.Previous audio isn’t reliable for grid based.

I can confirm what @Speric_El says. Discovered it the hard way… It seems you have to shift-right-left to align with the beat markers for every drop. I just hope the right and left buttons are of good quality, cause I use them a LOT :slight_smile:

Yup that’s what I do. I always copy/drop audio by using shift-right-left so I land right on the markers. To be clear, this song I was working on was made in Beat Match mode. So in theory every time I copy and drop audio it should lineup with the markers and it did before the bug occured. I know my way around the op1 pretty well but I think I’m gonna have to post a video when I get some time. I’ll also try to replicate the bug.