Sync op-1 and op-1 Field

Sorry if this has been mentioned before (please point me in the right direction)

Does anyone know how to sync the older op-1 with the Field? I own the old model and am looking to upgrade, also thinking of keeping both.

Can it be done simply over usb?


the field is a usb midi host so u should be able to just plug thm together via usb


Can confirm.

Teenage Engineering OP-1F + OG-1 Clock Sync & USB Audio

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Thank you

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You’re welcome!

I hope other people find this video helpful as well.

For some reason I’m not getting the letters ext when scrolling for the correct sync setting. Start and stop seems to work but the bpms don’t seem to lock

Check your settings on the Field. Shift+Com like in the video.

thanks I’ll let you know what I find.