Sync OP-1 tape with Ableton

Hey u knowledgable people!

On my last laptop I, somehow it just happened that way (don’t remember what I did to deserve it), that when connecting my OP-1 with Ableton via USB, the “tape” in the OP-1 started running synced to Ableton’s timeline when playing Ableton. Handy for programming drums in OP-1, synced to Ableton, or jamming with sequencers in both the laptop and OP-1 synced up with each other.

So - on my new laptop it doesn’t work the same way. I tried the Ableton script from Teenage Engineering’s site, but I can’t make it to play the tape in sync with Ableton through the script, it seems.

Anyways - do any of you fine people out there know how I could go about to make this happen again?


in Ableton preferences, go to the midi tab. make sure sync is ON for the OP-1. In the OP-1, make sure metronome is set to sync (not PO sync).

It should pick it up.

Thanx a million @mrbearnard ! Metronome to sync did the trick, great stuff!

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Thanx a million @mrbearnard ! Metronome to sync did the trick, great stuff!

You bet!

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One thing to try if you end up with drifting issues (which you will) is to experiment with switching the MIDI Clock Mode for the device between Pattern and Song mode. I’ve found they help in different ways in different situations.

"The MIDI Clock Type “Song” is used to transmit the Song Position Pointer information together with the MIDI Clock, which is useful when syncing another DAW to Live. If the synced device is a drum machine or groove box that plays looped patterns, “Pattern” type is recommended instead."

Keep in mind also that you can nudge the Tape, while it’s playing, forward and backward if you need to nudge sync. You use the blue knob for this, while the Tape is active on-screen. It’s kind of like using a CD-J or turntable.
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Thx jjbbllkk, i’ve just learned something new about Abletons synch settings.

I thought it might solve my problem, but somehow it doesent.
I just want to synch the OP-1’s Sequencers to Ableton, but every time i hit Play on my computer to start Ableton, the OP-1’s Tape starts from the beginging of the tape. But i don’t want the Tape to follow Ableton.
Does some one know how to solve this?

Has anyone come across a fix for this? I want to be able to sync the OP1 to Ableton but regardless of settings the OP1 acts like it’s being sent song position data as well as sync, so it always starts the tape at 0m00s. I want it to start the tape wherever I am (like, the beginning of the green loop range!).

Also looking for a solution… found any?
It’s my first time connecting OP-1 to Ableton, feels like I’m missing something that’s obvious to others 0_o


sorry no. it’s a bummer

Trying to do it with the OP-1 field. If anyone has found a solution, I would be interested…

Edit: it worked in midi sync