Sync OP-1 to nanoloop/PO-12/etc without oplab?

Alright, so I want to synchronise my OP-1 with nanoloop/PO-12, *without* using a computer or tablet of some kind. I'm not keen on the idea of buying the Oplab just for this purpose, but am considering it since there doesn't seem to be anything else on the market with similar features.

Synchronising by ear isn't an option, since I want to spend more time actually performing than worrying about beatmatching.

I have an arduino duemillanove that I have had sitting around for years, and understand that I may be able to achieve this goal using a USB host shield, but can't seem to find the correct terms to search for in order to find tutorials.. everything I've found so far is for USB-MIDI to DIN-MIDI only, which is *almost* there, just not quite. Or DIN-MIDI to sync pulses, which again, is missing a key part of the process. I'm sure they could be combined but I'm not quite sure how to do that.
Ideally, I'd like to even be able to use nanoloop as master, since it constantly sends sync pulses, but if that's not possible then using OP-1 as the host is fine.
Also, I don't want to use left/right audio signal to send the pulse from tape (even though it'd be easy), since it takes up not only a tape track but requires the tape to be running in order to put out a pulse.

Anyone got any ideas? I'd prefer to use what I've got rather than buying more hardware (apart from usb host shield for arduino).

I think you need some kind of device that sends or converts MIDI clock, if you’re unwilling to send the clock pulse out of the OP-1. So a cheaper solution (provided you already have something like an iPhone or an iPad) would be to get a original iconnect midi or something similar, and then use a Korg SyncKontrol app or something, I think there are a few apps that do the job.

BTW you can use a running sequencer to output the clock pulse too, but since you can’t pan the pulse without the tape mixer, I suppose that doesn’t matter.

Yeah, I’d want sync so I can use the sequencer in time with nanoloop (and keep it running without having to worry about manually keeping it in time) so running a sync sequence is out of the question anyway.

I don’t have an ipad, nor do I want to use my iphone in my live setup…

I think the most common answer I’ve had to this so far is to convert USB -> MIDI, then from MIDI to sync pulses for nanoloop. Having said that, someone said that op-1 outputs/receives MTC, where nanoloop sends/receives MIDI clock…

However, at the time of writing this post, I wasn’t taking into account the nanoloop USB adaptor, which allows for MTC to be used… I wonder, is there an easy way to just connect two USB devices together? Perhaps a dummy USB host that just serves as an interface?