Sync OP-1 to Roland SP404 mk2

Hi guys.

I’m back here after I have been gone since 2015 or so :exploding_head: . Sold my OP-1, deeply regretted it and yesterday got a used one (OG) for a very good price. I feel complete again.

I want to have it work with my Roland SP404 mk2. Meaning ideally having it sync somehow, using the SP404 to sequence whatever comes from the OP-1, expanding the tracks I can have. I have read solutions of using a midi interface, but is there no way to link the devices directly? I thought the OP-1 had a minijack that sends midi information, but I’m pretty rusty to be honest.

If this is impossible to do ‘cleanly’ I’ll just improve my performance and freehand it, I’d rather just ‘get good’ than having to deal with more devices in front of me, or having to use a laptop for jamming/doodling.

Also; any other tips on using the OP-1 with the SP404mk2 are very welcome. I’m completely new at using these devices together!

Thanks guys, good to be back :raised_hands:


I would just use the usb cable. In the last update, the OP-1 got usb audio. So you can transmit midi and audio