Sync OP-1 without MAC/PC


I would like to sync OP-1 as slave with my Elektron gear, but I do not want use DAW.
My idea is buy USB/MIDI converter (not USB/MIDI interface) to connect OP-1 to Elektron gear MIDI DIN and send from that sync signal to OP-1

Elektron OT (master sync) MIDI DIN ----> MIDI/USB converter ----> USB port OP-1 (slave sync)

Is it possible? If yes you have the converter to recomand?


I’ve used my OP-1 and Octatrack like this via an Oplab (USB Host and MIDI DIN)

Should work with anything with a USB Host and MIDI DIN (iConnectMIDI, etc).

Ok, thanks!

I found a video on youtube that demonstrate how to sync A4 as master and OP-1 as slave via iConnectMIDI.
Now I go to find a small alternative to iConnecMIDI2+

FYI, right now for me:

Octatrack MIDI Out -> Oplab MIDI IN -> Oplab USB A -> OP-1

Should be similar on iConnectMIDI. I got my Oplab on a BlackFriday sale btw, 15% off ($253). If you aren’t American that’s the Friday after Thanksgiving (last Thursday of the month of November).

kenton usb midi host is another alternative

im loving my iconnect midi 2+ my ipad is all linked up and using my desktop im able to route all my midi gear to anything@! its crazy how seamless it all is. I realize this isnt a dawless approach like you wanted. But i can link any synth with any key board at a moments notice and for me that ability is invaluable.

I’ve got the Kenton USB Midi, works well and the cheapest solution out there. Very light too but does need power like all the rest.
It’s literally plug-in-and-play

get a usb battery and a usb to DC jack cable and you got yourself a portable solution u can take and use anywhere!

i'm not sure about the others, but the kenton takes very little power. i haven't even had to recharge my battery yet.

I’ve mentioned this eBay seller for the original iConnectmidi: on another thread, but I’m not sure if other members have been successful in getting a deal for $80, like I did. It’s worth a shot since they’re trying to clear inventory. Message the dude first.

The OG iconnectmidi has been a godsend clearing up midi connections with ease. Everything is finally syncing together and I’ve even plugged the icm to my itrack dock which I thought wouldn’t work,

I made this a few years ago with a Radio Shack 4xAA battery case (also perfect for USB devices with the USB end instead of the barrel connector). It’s “Velcro-ed” to the case.

I use alkalines, but you could easily use NiMH batteries to save money and be less wasteful.

For my BeatStep I made another one with the mini USB end. Portability rules!

I use a commercial 12v LiPo battery pack for my MiniBrute since it needs more amperes.

Nice job @kingvidiot, portability does rule.


I have the OP-1, OpLab, PO-12, iPhone. Trying to get them to sync using the LittleMidi machine app on my iPhone as the Master Clock. Specifically tying to get the OP-1 Tape to sync.

I have the iPhone in the small USB port (C?) and the OP-1 in the HOST B and the PO-12 in the CV1 out and I have it on setting 5.

The PO-12 syncs and the OP-1 does not.

What am I doing wrong?

might be stupid but do u have the op1 set on sync? green knob on the bpm/tempo pag

This recent how-to post on ANR may be helpful for some of you, check it out and let me know if you need further help (leave a comment below the article, I would probably reply faster there)

FYI, you need a Camera Connection Kit for the iPhone to act as a USB Host when plugged into the Oplab’s mini USB connector.