Sync PO-33 to Machinedrum Clock

Hello dears,
here is my first topic on the forum… I basically sign up to ask this because syncing these little machine to Elektrons is literally blowing my mind :slight_smile:

I recently got a Teenage Engineering PO-33 and get full immersed into it the last days …
Now I want to let it “speak” with my other gear… I saw a video in which it is shown how to send “IMP” machine from a MD to a PO…

Machinedrum to Pocket Operator: Cascading Sync!

The MD used on the video is UW version while I have the MKI non UW version.
Did a first test yesterday and set one IMP trigger every two step then plug a stereo cable from E output of the MD to the PO33 input and then set SYNC mode on SY2. Sync and stereo output worked out.
The clock behaviour of the PO33 is at first sight strange, it looks like at certain steps it literally double(or change) the BPM, then slow at the MD clock (which is 80 bpm).

Does anyone tried to make the same??

Just for the instance… I used a normal mini jack stereo cable I had to plug an adaptor to plug into the MD output… Should I use different cable for syncing?

Thanks in advance!