Sync Record iPad hosted synths using OP-Z as sequencer and transport?

I can play iOS synths hosted in AUM on my iPad using the OP-z as the sequencer. AUM can also record the output of each iOS synth to individual audio files which can be exported to a DAW on my PC.
What I cannot yet do is work out how to make AUM start the audio recording when I press play on my OP-Z?

Has anybody achieved this and can they tell me step by step how they did it please?

Many thanks!

Have you tried this?
Transport Control

"The “Receive MMC” toggle allows control of the transport clock with MIDI Machine Control. When enabled, AUM reacts to the MMC SysEx messages for play, stop and record.

There are also simple MIDI control items for rewind, toggle play and record, that can be controlled by MIDI note or CC messages, for example a connected MIDI pedal."

The next version of AudioBus, currently in beta, has MIDI sync, and can control other apps, and also sync with Ableton Link. I’ve tried it with the OP-Z and it works well.

The problem actually turned out to be that Midi Clock between OP-Z and AUM would not work reliably over bluetooth, and I could not get MMC to work with it that way either. But when I connected the OP-Z to AUM using a USB cable it worked perfectly.

So here is my current working method. See what you think? Any tweaks you would make?-

Now I have OP-Z set to receive midi clock. I arm the record tracks in AUM. I press play in AUM and this automatically starts the OP-Z playing. Now I have AUM-hosted synths recorded to individual audio stems inside of AUM that can be exported to my DAW and will sync up with further DAW-based audio or midi iterations.

Thanks for your help dinraum. Yes I had tried that but the results were erratic and unreliable. For example; AUM woudl begin recording in sync but then go out of record mode one bar later, only to go in and out of record mode with each loop of the OP-Z sequence. Very odd! :smiley:

Thank you Mistercharlie. I have not looked into AudioBus yet so I will do that next. I use Cubase so I dont know what Ableton Link is or how it might work with what I need to achieve, but I will certainly take a look.

The OP-z is seen as an awesome performance or live jamming sequencer tool, but I personally see it as an incredible compositional tool when combined with an iPad. The OP-Z’s Mastertrack is very a powerful tool, and the idea of being able to sit in almost any physical location and compose music that can then be reliably exported and further iterated in my DAW just blows my mind. :slight_smile:

Well, I tried to sync the opz via usb to the op1 and they also are not in sync. So maybe a problem with the opz midi?