Sync sequencers with TB-03 without computer

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I have a TB-03 and an OP-1 and I would like that when I start the TB-03 sequencer, also the current pattern of the OP-1 starts playing (in sync with same BPM). Is there a way to do this without going through a computer?

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standalone usb midi host
like kenton usb midi host or similar

I’m thinking use the Trigger In on the front of the TB -03.
Set the OP 1 sync setting on the metronome page to PO Sync and use a stereo > dual mono jack cable. Plug one mono to a speaker so you hear the OP 1 then the other into the Trigger In on TB.
Now wire your TB 03 audio into the OP 1 input and record to tape or just monitor.

^not a bad idea but is it the same sync scheme? 8th notes?
the op1 sync pulse is notoriously low, doesn’t work w/ a lot of other devices besides the POs standalone.

Yes possibly, but I have succeeded with korg Monotribe and Volca. Worth exploring.
(You can even record to OP 1 album and it stores the click in mono so you can go again with the external gear - if you have a mixer to play back and mix the two audio signals).

One thing to bare in mind the Op-1 sequencers only trigger with playing a keyboard note.
It’s the Tape that starts sync with external sequencers. But it’s a good system once you are on it.

oh right silly me the op1 has both 1/8 and 1/16 schemes…