Sync Solution

Hi, guys!
I hope you could help me with something as I am a bit lost… ?
I have a set-up consisting of a Korg Volca Beats, an OP-1, a Pocket Operator and a Roli Seaboard connected to an iPad. All of them are connected to a Yamaha AG-06 mixer. However, I cannot get to play them in sync and a friend recommended me to write here. Would anyone be so kind to guide me into making my setup play in sync? What devices I might need? what cables? ? Thanks!

This is how I would try at first…
Plug a stereo mini out from OP 1 into your PO.Set the OP1 to PO sync on the tempo page with Green.
Set your PO to sync SY5 via function & bpm.then you need to get a stereo mini 35mm splitt to mono pair 35mm.
Take this from your PO to your mixer and sync In on your Volca. You may need a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch for the audio to your mixer.
Then with your ipad I’m no expert but would start by experimenting with out using sync,but recording on the fly into your OP-1 for samples and loops or recording all your synth into the ipad.
I would set up an aux/fx send from the mixer and fire it at the OP 1 or ipad depending what you felt like. I would have the ipad with its own mixer channel.
Probably other, better ways, but this may get you started.