Syncing across OP-Z, Pocket Operators and Volca

Does anyone know of a way to sync across an OP-Z (with OPlab), Korg Volca Keys and Pocket Operators? I can sync between OPZ and POs and between Volca and POs, but not sure how to sync all three at the same time.


u could daisy chain them. Z > POs > Volcas
the POs will pass the sync they receive to the next device
i guess u may need a splitter to separate the audio and the sync signal on the POs

or u could get a splitter of some kind and connect the sync that way.
like Z as master > splitter > to all your other devices.

personally i like the splitter method instead of daisy chaining

Thank you for this. And when you say splitter out from the OP-Z do you mean it running out of the OPlab?

yes splitting the sync signal from the OPLAB

I tried the splitter however after about 10 seconds the volca skips a beat. The pocket operators stay in time.

Any idea what’s going wrong?