Syncing Korg ds-10 (or other click) to op-z, nts-1 and ipad

Being able to sync so many different things with op-z is invaluable to me.
one thing I really wanted to sync was the korg ds-10 for live shows.

Although the op-z did not register a click from the nintendo ds by itself adding the nts-1 first made it register perfectly every time. I had luck with a montron but I wanted a sure thing.

The video is a little fun but if you get past that there is some valuable tips.

I hope this can help someone. korg ds 10 nts-1 op-z syncing po monotribe ipad

comments and questions welcome… I have spent quite a bit of time trying to understand the midi, bluetooth and sync options and finally have a good setup.

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I added timesync jumps to the different sections of the video

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