Syncing OP-1 with Octatrack: No luck

Curious if I’m missing something or perhaps what I’m using is not compatible.

I’m trying to send midi clock and notes from the OT to the OP-1 using a Mio Iconnect with a Male USB to mini USB adapter.

The Mio:

No luck. Is it the adapter? I know midi clock is coming from the OT as it syncs to my Analog 4. And I know the OP-1 is receiving midi clock because it syncs to Ableton Live using the cable that came with the OP-1. But when I use the Mio with an adapter, no sync. Curious…has anyone had any luck with adapter or do I really need a Kenton or Iconnect Midi?

Curious, if the lack of a power supply is an issue.

If anyone can tell me exactly what device and cables are required to make this work, that would be great. Thanks.

you’ll need a usb ‘host’ - so like you figured an iConnect/kenton/computer will do it. bit of a bummer but great fun ahead once you can sequence the OP1 fro the OT. I’m using the old iConnect and i works right out of the box without any config/setUp