Syncing plus usb keyboard control...


Hi all,
I just finished figuring out how to use my op-1 as the master and now my two volca’s and two pocket operators are all in sync. Yay!
But, what if I also want to attach a usb keyboard like the Arturia keystep instead of using the op-1 keyboard in this rig? Doable? How?


Definitely doable! You would be needing a MIDI host. Which one? You’ll have to dig here.

I use this one because my controller only has USB MIDI.


I guess you’re using PO Sync mode on your OP 1 metronome page to sync your Volcas?
If so try attaching the sync to the keystep trigger in, then use a standard midi cable from keystep to first Volca.
No need for a usb host then.


@pianobar How do you use the USB host mini?


@SOMAtic I soldered two of them point by point and added another USB port for powering it.

Now I can play the OP-1’s sounds with my Yamaha P-45 (Digital piano).

I’ll try to find the time to make a short video of it, will be posting it in a new thread any time soon.


@pianobar interesting! would be quite easy to add a LIPO battery to it

wonder if u could use one of the hosts and plug in like a USB to MIDI DIN kinda thing for flexibility when u wanted DIN I/O jacks.
that would be something


@docshermsticks that’s exactly my next step! Only I currently don’t have any MIDI DIN device, but as soon as I get my Arturia Beatstep I’ll give it a try.


@pianobar nice! in theory it seems like it would work since its a host
& as long as the DIN device was class compliant.

i might scoop a couple of these. they aren’t too expensive.
did u have to hook up all the connections or just the power, ground, rx and tx?


ya just remembered that the euro is favorable to the us dollar right now
ordered a few to mess around w/
should be fun!


@docshermsticks just power, ground, rx and tx. Cool thing you pulled the trigger, shipping was super fast for me (even though I live in Mexico).


@pianobar nice thanks man! should be a fun lil project.
i’ve got some empty SNES game carts that might be perfect for this
we shall see tho


@pianobar can these pull their power from the USB host port (the OP-1) so as not to need an external power supply?


@Sparky No they can’t. The only scenario where I didn’t need an external power supply was when I (pointlessly) connected it to my laptop.


dang u weren’t kidding already in NYC customs


@docshermsticks (stuck behind a box of 150 OP-Zs !) :wink:


lol maybe they’ll mix it up and i’ll get one by accident


are there any ways to eliminate hiss when connecting OP-1 via usb?


if turning off usb charging doesn’t work then
try a ground loop isolator they are cheap & did the trick for me


@pianobar just got my boards hooked em up real quick
totally works w/ a usb to din midi adapter!
using a iconnect mio

thanks much!


@docshermsticks Nice. Thanks for the info!