Synth engines/Ddrum patches, not samples!

Hi it’s Claude again. Worst english langage on the forum.
May i ask you :
I bought a second hand op1 field. Great! I m delighted.
As it was not resetted, it contains plenty of samples for the samplers engines.
But i would really appreciate to tweak synths and Ddrum sounds, instead of starting from scratch.I mean that the 13 engines contain no preset at all.
Would someone be kind enough to advice me a place where i can get this kind of presets ?
I hope one day i’ll really be contributing but so far I only have silly questions. The worst part is that it may not be the last question of its kind. Sorry i’m slow.
The frenchies have the bad habit to not even speak italian. Especially when they are elder people.
Thank you, have fun .

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Hi Claude.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s all about the shortcut you use when trying to access the synth engines.

If I’m not mistaken, pressing shift+[T1] should land you in the synth engines, where you won’t find no presets.
But if you press shift+[1] then you should be able to find back the presets.

Maybe someone can confirm - I don’t have an op1f anymore.

Anyways, the presets should be there : they can’t be erased.

Take care


That’s it! Nice and gentle scientist in many domains you are! You can even understand my lazy globish! Thanks. Good night Heyes.


Take care my friend!
Have a nice one too!

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