Synth engines names by their numbers

Could someone with a apple screen tell me what synth engine correspond to their engine number?

I don’t know what type of synths i have on each tracks apart by guessing their types.

The synths engines in content mode are named :
~11.engine, ~25.engine, ~26.engine, ~31.engine, ~65.engine, ~98.engine, ~112.engine, ~129.engine.

In the manual, the synth names are:
bow, cluster, digital, electric, saw, shade, uranus, volt

For the info, you can move/copy synth engines via disk mode (content mode) in the samplepacks folder but the presets aren’t saved with it.

saw = 26
uranus = 129
electric = 98
digital = 25
volt = 65
bow = 112
cluster = 11
shade = 31

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Thanks! That helps a lot. :slight_smile:

no prob i was curious myself