So i dont have an op-1 but ive been thinking about it. One thing i find hard to find is an explanation of the different synth engines. Can anyone explain them to me in detail and how they are different. Is there anything so special about any of them that i couldnt achieve with other synths? Theres so many of them with seemingly different sounds i dont know what to make of them since they arent the typical “subtractive”. the only ones that i have a sense of are the string and fm since those are done in many other synths. But the others im just clueless and i cant find a good detailed explanation/tutorial of all of them…


Maybe this helps?


The above blog is an excellent insight to some of the synth engines.
The op-1 is a four knob synth, everything is controlled with just four knobs (-for say synth or drum mode). Then there is four pages accessed by 1-4 under the screen. The blog is concerned with just page 1, which selects and controls the Osc if you like, plus some extra bits unique to each synth. (A lot of control available is packed into these four knobs, making it fun,but varied to play with).
Then page two is a classic adsr volume envelope, with porto and poly /mono/unison aswell.
Page three is an fx insert buss, with some excellent filters plus more, and page 4 is an excellent semi- modulation section, with all manor of sources. Envelope styles or traditional lfo or wacky stuff like giro or audio / radio mod sources.
The ethos of the machine is fun,fast and portable. Some describing it as a Swiss army knife of audio, with its tapes and samplers.
The sounds are nice, but it’s the experience that’s unique to op-1.


You can read about engines on, but real understanding will come only when you get OP-1.
I think about its engines like about “subtractive”.
Make a “main” sound on page 1.
Then edit it with ADSR (choose mode - mono, poly, unison) on page 2.
Add FX: Low pass or high pass filter or delay, reverb and so on (on page 3).
Add modulation on page 4 with LFO.
Synth engines (a “main” sound) are unique and its hard to describe them.