Synth instrument volume levels

Hello, thanks in part to the useful info on this forum I find myself the new owner of an Op1 as of the day before yesterday. Good times!

I have what might be an easy question, is there a way to boost or lower the volume level of a synth? Sometime they are very loud especially in unison mode while at other times too quiet, the string synth is especially low. I’ve figured out how to adjust the gain on drum parts with shift+orange encoder and I can see the track volume level adjustments but nothing for whatever synth you’re currently playing.


In Tape mode, you can set the recording level per track with the orange encoder.

One thing I always make sure when starting something new is that all tracks in the mixer are at 80 and the orange encoder is at about 80% as well. The numbers are arbitrary but if you start at max volume on either of these it’ll be more difficult to increase the volume of a given track or synth.

Thank you both, I’ll use a track vol of 80 to start with then adjust as I’m playing the instruments. I’ve just noticed that the sampler instrument also has a volume adjustment on shift+orange encoder like the drum kits so that could help as well. Cheers :slight_smile:

I feel that the level of the orange encoder saturates the sound of the recorded audio as if it was recorded on tape, very different from a DAW, which remains clean until it clips.

Am I the only one?