I read in another thread that the OP-Z recognizes synth sampler loop points. GREAT!

Now I am wondering how I can create those without an OP-1. Is there a program that can do it.
Can I do it in reaper?



no, it is only possible with an OP-1. We tried to reverse engineer the format in a thread here and it kind of works but it is useless unless you can set the loop points perfectly so no clicking is audible.
Thread is here, posts are near the bottom: UPDATE: Perl script to convert sound files into OP-1 / OP-Z SYNTH or DRUM samples

Hi Gero,

Thanks for the answer & for your sampler tool.
I still got hope, as at least there is the possibility to have loop points.
It would bring the Z to another level as the synth is nice, but some endless samples would be a great addition.

I’ve been doing some testing as well, but have only encountered dead ends. Somehow the files I’m using don’t even allow any characters to be added, otherwise they end up either completely corrupted, or spliced with noise. Then again, I have almost no idea what I’m doing, haha.

Ideally, one of us needs to borrow/acquire an OP-1 in order to conduct better tests.

@pselodux If you want I can make you a version where you enter the json in a text field. I’ll just do it and post it here. But entering weird stuff might even harm the OP-Z, no guarantees

Here you go:

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Thank you! I’m sure it won’t harm the OP-Z; if it doesn’t play on my mac I won’t try it on the Z. I think having at least two of us working on sample looping will provide results much more quickly!

I’m a programmer, and I’m interested in this topic, although I don’t have an OP-1 to make testings. Maybe a interesting approach is making an AIFF sample loop on OP-1 and compare with the original AIFF sample, and seek differences with an hex editor. But as I said, I don’t have an OP-1. Can someone provide these example AIFF samples?

I don’t have an OP-1…but I thank you for looking into it!

I guess we’ll find someone with an OP-1 on this forum :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

new to the forum, got an OP-Z and must say, I am very pleased. Such an inspiring and well tought out machine! Just discovered the drone mode, great! Did not have a chance to check the videolab thing out yet, but I am disgressing…

Using custom synth samples is also a topic I am interested in and thanks to gero and others for their investigations.

I agree that an OP-1 would be very helpful for knowing what the numbers actually mean in that ascii-header in front of the AIFF data. Maybe someone could make a single cycle oscillator on the OP-1 at e.g. 440 Hz as a start? That would be a nice template for filling in ones own single cycles. Systematically varying frequencies and loop settings on the OP-1 and examining the respecting headers in the AIFF should give some insights into the semantics of the various variables. What do you think?

Ultimately, a utility would be nice that would allow to edit the synth samples outside of the OP-Z with loop points and all and to produce a matching AIFF.