Synth sample function?

For the synth sample function, you upload a 6 second sample into the OP-1, a patch is created when the OP-1 boots up using the sample with the speed of the sample adjusted to create different notes.

Perhaps I am remembering things incorrectly, but I could have sworn there was a function to open your synth sample with one of the synth engines so the synth engine copies the shape of your sample? Am I just getting my synths mixed up?

i don't recall that being a thing w/ the sampler specifically. but i def could be wrong.

maybe u are thinking of the function that you can change synth engines on the fly and it keeps the same parameters that you selected from the previous synth.

i think that is shift T1? i haven't used this in awhile so apologies for my lack of concreteness

you can easily lift up a synth and drop it into the drum sampler.

arrangement via endless sequencer is cool cause’ you can mix synth and drum.