Synth Sample imports always looped?

Hello, longtime synthesist and new OP-1 owner here. I just got the OP-1 on Friday and immediately began sampling some of my vintage synths to use in its Synth Sampler. However, I noticed something a bit odd - and perhaps I am missing something obvious. When I import one-shot samples into the OP-1, they are always looped in the OP-1’s automatically created patches, regardless of whether or not I’ve embedded loop points in my sample editor (Wavelab, in this case). Yet if I trawl through the OP-1’s Sampler presets, some of the factory sounds are not looped (Drum Designer, for example). Am I missing something obvious? Must I import the sample, defeat the looping and then re-save the preset if I want to back it up or share it?

Mind you, I’m thrilled that the OP-1 reads embedded loop points - because it’s own loop editing is a bit coarse, to say the least, but it seems kind of odd that it wouldn’t actually know whether the loop was activated or not (though it seems to have its own ideas about what information should be included in the default state - for example, I noticed that if I don’t actually embed my root note - C, it gets it wrong).

I’m already having loads of fun with it - it’s a dangerously distracting piece of gear!

You could edit the imported patches to your liking (incl loop points, fx and lfo assignments), then save them as snapshots by pressing and holding the corresponding slot key (1-8). After that, connect to PC, go to snapshots folder and move / rename snapshots.

Thanks, motone. That’s kinda what I figured I’d need to do. I notice that the Snapshots have the actual sample in them - is this what I would then share with other OP-1 users? Not the original sample file? (I am sure that this has been answered elsewhere - I am currently trying to trawl through all of the relevant posts but the search function seems somewhat indiscriminate)

Yeah, the snapshot file is the “patch” that can be archived, renamed, or copied between OP-1s. Also, the loop points can be adjusted more finely if you press shift while turning the knobs.

Oh, and welcome - I hope you’ll share some of your patches with us! =)

Indeed I will. Thanks for the information. The OP-1 has been a distraction for a solid week now! I had to force myself to keep it powered down yesterday so I could get some actual work done!